A Look at Divorce Throughout History – Legal Newsletter

While you might think that divorce dates back to the beginning of time in society, the fact is that it can be traced to. The TED-Ed article explains that divorce was the first type of separation. It is mentioned in laws on ancient Mesopotamia stones.

The French revolution introduced new ways of divorce in France. In the aftermath of the revolution, ladies and men could be capable of getting divorced according to the circumstances. This early idea of divorce later spread to the rest of the West. One of the problems with how divorce was handled back then was that women weren’t allowed to divorce as often as men.

One thing to remember about divorce is that over time, various religious groups have had different ideas on divorce. Specifically, some religions like the catholic church have not recognized divorce even if they had been granted by the federal government.

All in all, divorce has been prevalent in human society in the same way over the course of thousands of years. Through the various aspects of these communities that we’ve reached the point we are now.


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