A Tutorial on How to Use Air Compressors – Rad Center


Pressors were once found only in garages and workshops for the most committed mechanics and DIYers. They are now available in various small compressors. They are useful devices for beginners as well as seasoned DIYers. They operate an array of air-powered devices employed in a broad range of applications. The compressors hold the pressured air in tanks made from steel before releasing it under control conditions. A pressured air source powers many tool attachments such as air nailers, air wrenches , paint or sanding tools.
An electric motor within the compressor unit pressurizes air into a tank. The pressure inside is sufficient to run any equipment that is connected to tank through air hoses. When pressure in the tank changes the tank, the compressor’s motor automatically starts and stops. Its motor will start and shut off when an air pressure drop occurs in the tank.

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