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Teachers’ advisors are informed of campus-related activities such as alumni giving and job information. They can access information regarding personal details.

As opposed to other higher education admissions programs, SLATE offers total customization and an array of continuously evolving technological capabilities.

This website allows students and future students to connect with admissions offices and high school. Additionally, they can share data and documents for college applications.

SLATE is used by colleges because it consolidates all the software they use for admissions and advice into one system.

SLATE digitizes many paperwork and processes, which can save students as well as colleges lots of money and time. While universities and colleges are always the pioneers in technological advancement, traditional methods of keeping track the students’ information required various software programs.

SLATE, an integrated platform and app that offers a range of services that could have been individually purchased and were never tied together. This is the reason so many colleges are using it. wstf1ngdzq.

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