Contemporary Home Exterior Ideas to Beautify your House – Vacuum Storage

Contemporary home exterior ideas Maintenance is among the qualities it boasts of along with its long-lasting. PVCu Cladding may have a core cell that offers thermal resistance.
Laminate Cladding

Laminate Cladding can be made by compressing impregnated wood fibers Paper, Polypropylene Resins, phenolics, and epoxy. With its scratch-resistant and durable qualities, laminate Cladding can be infused with colored pigments on the surface while curing which makes a variety of designs and colors feasible to achieve.

Composite Cladding

For added color It is constructed from premium acrylic resins. Thanks to its weatherproofing, it is able to be fitted in, moulded, and then cleaned.

Timber Boards

This wood is ideal for both period and contemporary properties. You can seal hardwoods like oak, chestnut and larch by using a fire-retardant coating or let them weather naturally.

Fiber-cement Weatherboarding

Weatherboard made of fiber cement is a material that won’t rot, wear out, or rust. It requires only a little maintenance, and is available in prefinished condition. It’s also frostproof in addition to being fire-resistant and flame resistant and won’t twist or warp over time.

Slippers in black Slips

They have an appearance of the solid bricks however they’re actually ’tiles’ made out clay. They are either fired kiln-fired in the manner seen from the surface of bricks made of clay, or in the form of preformed slips. Cladding panels featuring brick finishing as well as prefabricated interlocking boards

Stone Tiles

They are comparable in construction, and they can be seen in natural stone. They are lighter and cheaper than natural stones and can be used in traditional styles.


It is an expensive choice but is weather-resistant and requires minimum maintenance. You can get it pre-treated either coated or powder coated.


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