Friends Take Down Call Centers James Bond Style – The Film Frame

lly only work on older individuals. These are the most important people to work with the elderly. They are so deplorable. This is why they had to be stopped. In this video you’ll learn how Mark Rober, his friends as well as some glitter have been able to eliminate large scam centres in India. After this disaster I’m sure the scammers might think of making contact with bail agents.

Mark Rober is a world class engineer. It is logical that this kind of mission would require some crazy tools. One could make an animated film using one of these innovative gadgets. For instance, the roach cannister was the most bizarre devices. This cannister is secret and can be concealed in a fraudulent center inside a backpack. It would release the cockroaches in the correct time to give the scammers the opportunity to taste their own poison. It required an insider. Rober was the perfect option. Rober is a former fraudster and knows all the tricks of fraud-related centres. What will happen the next time? Watch the video to find out.


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