Getting Too Close to a Tornado – Spokane Events

again, tornadoes demonstrate how destructive nature can be. In this video you’ll witness a tornado tear the roof shingles off of the building. In fact, it doesn’t take a tornado to damage your roof shingles. Storms can do the same thing. Get in touch with your local roofing professional for a new set of roofing shingles.

It was May 22nd 2020. The veteran storm chaser Hank Schyma, was in Madill Oklahoma. He was tracking a supercell storm with potential for tornadic movement. When he drove along the road, he saw that a funnel was developing. He watched it spiral down to the ground by sucking up debris to the vortex of swirling. The vortex grew closer until it reaches a point where it is able to pass through the highway in front of him. It slits the shingles of in a warehouse. The shingles are then swept into the vortex , and then tossed around. In the chaos, there was a brief glimpse of a rainbow observed. As the tornado continued to get louder, it picked up further debris and formed an unending funnel of destruction that was dirt brown. After a short time, the tornado was formed, it vanished and retreated back to the clouds. there was a blue sky appearing to be peeking through the cloud.


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