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Perhaps you’ve spent a day in the ocean and wondered what the fish have been up doing? Find out more in this article.

The process of drilling a deepwater well that is safe requires several years of planning and preparation. After finding possible natural gas and oil reservoirs below the seafloor using seismic techniques, a drilling location is determined.

The location of the drill is selected by the well drillers on the most efficient way to access natural gas, or the oil.

To drill a well a drilling rig should be utilized. If drilling is for deepwater wells the drilling rig can be situated mounted on a semi-submersible vessel the drillship, or floating production platform.

Every drill rig has a lifting system that lifts and lowers the pipe used for drilling as well as the tools required to drill the well.

A large-diameter base pipe is utilized to stop wells from burst because of soft shallow, and weak sentiments. The pipe’s base is set to the floor of the rig, and the drill bit connected to the pipe carried through the inner before being lowered down to the seafloor using a hoist.

Watch the video to learn the drillers’ techniques for drilling deep water wells.


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