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Anical licenses are believed to be highly sought-after no matter where their clients are. This means that every HVAC contractor must meet certification requirements. It could vary in every state.

The intention of the video is to be an example for air conditioner contractors in getting a license in accordance with the rules.

How do you become an HVAC contractor

Each state has its particular licensing requirements. Although regulations can differ for each state, there could be some similarities.

An HVAC contractor has to:

* Ready to submit to a background investigation
* Prove education
* You have to cover the cost of the application
* Pass the licensure exam

In the case of proving the quality of education, it is usually training in HVAC or refrigeration system. Then, an apprenticeship is required to gain practical experience.

Once you have gained experience in the field and passing the exam you can work independently as an HVAC contractor.

Conditions to Get an HVAC license

These are the steps that you should do in order to acquire an HVAC certification.

You must be 18 or older and have no convictions or felonies
In order to obtain a more advanced licensing degree, you must have a GED or high-school diploma . Or the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree.
The experience gained is gained in the classroom or on-the-job training in an HVAC course that has been approved by the government and supervised by an authorized HVAC contractor

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