How to Host Minecraft Servers for Free – Get Rich City

Initial step is to verify that you’re running the most recent version Java. Server-related files are also likely to be required. You can download them for no cost from the official Minecraft website. Before you can launch your Minecraft server you need to accept a license agreement. In order to signify your consent it is necessary to modify the text file eula.txt. Once you have done that, you’re now ready to set up your server! If you double-click “Run.bat,” your server will start. A page with the information regarding the server will open. Your server is up and running for as long as it is opened, and gamers will be in a position to connect!

You can connect your server to individuals in your area as well as use your distinct IP address. However, it’s best to be cautious. It’s risky to share the IP address of your external server with individuals you do not know. This can be avoided with hosting your Minecraft server using a different machine than the host. Make sure that your Minecraft server that you host is not interfering with the gaming gameplay. 23rtossfrq.

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