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A clogged drain can create odors throughout the home. The guests you invite to your home will surely not appreciate this. This can cause serious problems within your everyday life in the event that it’s not resolved quickly. However, this is an everyday issue with many possible solutions. If you want to contact a professional plumber, or do it your self. This video will help you understand how to clear your drain.

First, make a mix of baking soda and vinegar. Make the 50/50 ratio and pour it into the drain. After 30 minutes, flush it out with hot water. If you’re using PVC pipe, be careful not to use boiling water to flush the pipes. It could damage those pipes.

Coca-Cola although it is tasty, is an effective drain cleaner. The corrosive properties of the drink make it ideal for breaking down particles that are clogging your drains. All you have to do is simply pour it down the drain. After that, wait about 30 minutes more and flush it out by flushing it with hot water.


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