Lab Grown vs Natural Diamond Rings – Consumer Review

Nitrogen is present in natural diamonds. However the presence of nitrogen is not present in laboratory-grown diamonds. This is indeed one of the signs gemologists are looking at when they determine whether diamonds are man-made or genuine. The pressure and heat of the earth’s crust causes natural diamonds that form in the course of many millions of years. Following that, they are polished and cut. Similar tests can be conducted using lab-grown diamonds but they’re conducted in completely different conditions. In fact, the method utilized to make the Lab Grown Diamond drastically reduces the duration of the development process, from millions of years down to just a few months. The Lab Diamonds get polished after that cut.

Is it possible to grow diamonds inside a lab? It is true that they are. If it’s a lab-grown diamond or an natural diamond that is flawlessly cut internally flawless diamond is highly pricey and uncommon. Accredited gemological laboratories refer to and classify Lab Grown Diamonds and Natural Diamonds according to the various degrees that they have internal “inclusions” compared to fingerprints. Want to know more? The video below will give you the details.


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