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Bail Bond

Bail is a sum of money or property that is deposited with the intention of making a pledge by the judge to free the defendant. A defendant must be willing to return to the court in order to accept. This arrangement is designed to make sure that defendants can appear in court and will not be held in custody.

The amount should be basically sufficient, to ensure that they can’t be able to get out easily. Actually, courts have pre-set bail amounts. But the judge may modify the amount.

It is different than the bail bail bond because the bail bail bond is the promise by defendant to be sure. A court may take away any money in the event that the defendant does not show. If the defendant doesn’t appear in court on time, an appearance for forfeiture is scheduled, and an arrest warrant issued.

The bail bondman might serve as a security for the defendant. He can put bail. The bail bondsman can earn money by charging interest equal to 10 percent of the bail amount. k8f5g8m8hw.

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