Philadelphia has Thousands of Mysterious Murals – Cool Artwork

Philadelphia is home to thousands of strange murals. Who creates the murals? The reason why these paintings were created? In this clip, you are going to find out.

Many cities throughout the world suffer from vandalism. Graffiti is a common sight because there are so many white walls. Most graffiti artists are searching for an opportunity to express themselves. So, the city of Philadelphia made the choice to exploit this trend to their advantage. Instead of demonizing these graffiti artists They welcomed them wholeheartedly. They even launched a programme which paid the artists to create stunning murals across the city. These murals can be used in public areas, while some are intended for commercial use by businesses that apply. The murals show the diversity of city’s culture and thought. These amazing murals tell tales and communicate emotions. It’s amazing. The city has made the crime of graffiti very less by permitting graffiti artists to be employed. It is now a platform for these artists to exhibit their talents. Additionally, there are less empty walls in cities where there is a lot of artistic expression.


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