The 6 Levels of Fedex Express Service – Alabama Wild Man

Ge or document that you want that you need to move on, at a particular time, you have the option of selecting one of six FedEx services as shipping options that can make that happen for you. FedEx Express can ship packages or documents overnight by 6 am using the overnight shipping service. If you’ll need your package before 10:30 AM, then you may choose the priority shipping for overnight. You may choose to use overnight standard delivery if you’re needing to have it delivered by business the following day.

It is also possible to select two options to deliver your order next day. You have the option to select either one of two delivery times: AM or PM delivery. AM delivery is usually made at 10 am for business as well as noon for homeowners. The service for PM is usually 3 pm for business, and at the end of the working day for residents.

They also offer the express saver option, which includes a 3 day shipping option. The 3-day shipping option can be ideal for transporting items far and will allow the shipping of items swiftly. It’s ideal if you have an extended time frame for working with, however, you would like it there before the time for ground delivery.

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