Transmission Problems 5 Signs to Look For – Car Talk Podcast

Hot: A hot engine may indicate a transmission problem. The fluid in your transmission should remain cool to the touch. If it gets too hot, then you should drive your vehicle to the auto shop immediately.

There are grinding sounds that are coming from the transmission. Grinding sounds can indicate that some thing isn’t working correctly inside the transmission. This could mean that the transmission isn’t functioning properly or the clutch plate is in need to be replaced.

The excessive vibration you experience while driving This could be another indicator that your transmission is not performing as it should. Vibrations can also result in damage to your transmission if they become excessively severe.

* Your check engine light is on: A check engine indicator indicates that your system has detected a problem with any of your equipment. Make sure that all your lights are illuminated prior to you take your vehicle to the repair shop.

* Your car is unable to start. This may be the most extreme symptom. It could indicate the transmission has suffered a complete damage. Consider calling an experienced mechanic when the car won’t start. bv32r5dahx.

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