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n. The instructor is all over the nation giving workshops as well as courses on printers and printers, so let’s get more about it!
Color printing

The main problem with the CP4525 printer is their black-and-white printing configuration. You need to be able to print a color page. The instructor stated that they dismantled the printer during one of their seminars and put it back together. However, when printing pages with colored backgrounds, they did not print a solid shade, such as magenta or yellow.

It’s not necessary to feel dejected when this happens. The first step is to learn how to troubleshoot basic issues. Most of the time, you’ll check your cartridges and swap them and if the problem continues it’s a sign that you’ve got an issue with the connection. Most people hire printer service to resolve this issue. But, there are a number of solutions to fix the problem.

Take a look at the remaining video to discover the entire remedy in full And you’ll print using color printing without difficulties!


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