What You Didnt Know About Oil Companies –

It is one of the world’s best financially secure industries. It acts as a catalyst for other large firms.

High net-worth individuals are attracted to oil and gas companies due to their ability to diversify their portfolios in investment while also generating high long-term earnings. These are facts about oil companies that you weren’t aware of.

5 facts about Oil Companies

1. America is the world’s largest producer and user of natural gas and oil in the world.
2. Every year, the globe’s population consumes around 36 billion barrels of oil. It’s around 100 million people a each day.
3. Oil firms are among the most highly paid
4. One of the most prolific oil producing states within the US is Texas. 36% of oil output comes from Texas. Texas also holds about 13% of the United States’s oil reserves.
5. After removing Russia, the US became the world’s largest oil producer. EAI 2021

The initial data suggested that US crude consumption for oil was 16.582 millions barrels per day. 6shpykwqmm.

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