Wondering If You Need a Lawyer for Help? Here Are 9 Instances You’ll Want a Lawyer – Dan Park Law Group


u to get an honest price during an exchange. If you’re in no way working with a realtor agent to assist you with buying the house you want, it’s a good idea to hire a lawyer. An attorney can aid in understanding the contract terms and to negotiate an acceptable price for you.
7. Charged With a Crime

An experienced lawyer for criminal defense is necessary if facing charges of criminality. A skilled attorney for criminal defense can assist you in understanding your charges and the possible results and punishments. They can also assist you choose the best strategies to defend your case. It is crucial to contact an attorney right away as possible after you’ve been accused of committing a crime. They will have the highest chance of winning your trial. They’ll also help you understand what evidence the prosecutor has against the defendant. The lawyer you hire can negotiate an agreement to plead guilty in your favor should you choose that option. Lawyers can also argue your defense or challenge any arguments made against you before a judge.

8. Wills and Trusts

Wills and trusts are one of the most important legal documents a person can possess. They are a way to protect your family and assets during the time of your passing away. But, they are often complicated, and it is essential to engage an attorney in drafting these.

Wills are a legally binding document that outlines the state of your affairs in the event of your demise. The will is a legal document that allows you to specify the division of your property and also to name the appropriate guardian of your minor offspring. Trusts are legal entities which are able to manage and protect your assets in the interest of your inheritors. Trusts are a way to secure your assets from creditors and real estate taxes. The creation of trusts and wills is intricate legal processes and you must have legal counsel assist you in making sure you follow the proper procedure. An attorney can help in understanding the rules relevant to your specific situation and help you create your trust.


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