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Bitten By a Neighbor Dog? Why You Need a Lawyer

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While you yourself may own a dog and you have many people in your neighborhood who have dogs, this doesn’t mean that you aren’t at risk for a dog bite. In fact, you are more likely to get bitten by a friendly neighborhood dog or familiar family pet than you’d think: there are around four and a half million dog bites in the United States yearly, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

You’ve been unlucky enough to actually be bitten by a neighbor’s dog, and whether the bite is serious and requires surgery or advanced medical care or not, you may have a case and the need for an injury attorney. While this may seem uncomfortable a subject for you and certainly for any neighbor involved in your case, getting a personal injury lawyer is your best bet to protect you and your family.

If you are bitten by a dog, don’t hesitate to get legal help. Here are reasons why you mus call a personal injury firm for your dog bite case.

The Dog May be a Repeat Offender

Any dog bite that results in a person seeking medical treatment, even for a minor wound, will result in a phone call to the police. The incident must be reported.

If the dog is a repeat offender or if the neighbor who owns the dog is being defiant about your situation, you can face a lengthy legal battle simply in getting treated in the first place. A dog who has a history of biting can be a sign of not just an aggressive canine you don’t want around you or your children, but an owner who isn’t being responsible as well; both bad signs and red flags.

Get an injury attorney so you have the legal representation you need in the event the dog tries to bite you again, you become a witness in a civil lawsuit with the police department, or have another legal battle with harassment or other unwanted attention from the dog’s owner.

Your Dog Bite Can Lead to Medical Issues

What starts out as a small dog bite can quickly turn to infection or a surgery to repair the wound. When you get bitten by a dog, the area that is affected often determines just how severe the injury really is, and the medical bills as well as therapy for the traumatic event, add up.

Even if the owner of the dog assume’s liability and their homeowners insurance offers to foot the bill for your injury, you’ll likely be encouraged to settle for a set dollar amount. This amount can seem impressive, but keep in mind, the money you can potentially get for your dog bite is all you’ll ever get if you settle without the watchful and experienced eye of an injury attorney.

Don’t sell yourself short in your dog bite case; get the funds you deserve for your current and future medical — including mental health — needs so you can move forward with the best resources possible.

The Dog’s Owner May Fight You Legally

For a variety of reasons, the dog’s owner may fight you legally over the bite incident. The dog’s owner may not want to admit they have an aggressive dog or they may truly feel you deserved to be bit, or may deny the bite entirely. You need an injury lawyer to help you keep the dog’s owner in check and get the justice you deserve.

With the right legal assistance, you can have success with your dog bite case. A personal injury lawyer will help you with every step of your case, and represent you with all legal interactions.

Excited Dog Accidentally Breaks Owner’s Neck By Jumping On Him From Second Story

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Personal injury laws cover a lot of ground as far as potential cases. Pets are common issues that bring people to court in droves. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 4.5 million dog bites occur in the United States every year. Of those bites, a lot of people opt for personal injury settlements litigated by dog bite lawyers.

But, what happens when it’s your own dog who injures you? One particular gentleman is lucky to be alive all because his dog was really excited to see him.

In China, 67-year-old Liu was walking back to his home in China’s Hunan province. He had been visiting family members and as he approached his house, something crashed into the back of his head. He collapsed unconscious immediately and woke up in the hospital.

“On the sixth day of the New Year, we were returning home together. Just when we were about to reach the front door, we were suddenly stunned by something falling from the sky,” Liu reported.

At first, he thought something broke off from the outside of his house and hit him, but that wasn’t the case. Liu’s 60-pound Husky was so excited to see him that the dog jumped from the second story of the home and landed on Liu. Later, in the hospital, scans revealed that the impact from the dog caused a spine fracture that will require surgery.

Much different from being bitten by your neighbor’s off-leash dog while taking a jog. Of course, he cannot hold his Husky liable for a personal injury claim and doesn’t despise the dog for the freak, lucky-to-be-alive accident. Liu isn’t upset with his over-excited acrobatic dog but has taken precautions to avoid it happening again by putting the dog on a lead in the yard. Naturally, the dog was completely uninjured.

In the case that you’re not injured by your own dog and want to consider opening a personal injury case, our personal injury lawyers are at your service. Car accidents, motorcycle crashes, dog bites, slip-and-fall injuries, whatever the case may be, you want the personal injury attorneys from our firm on your side.

Dealing With Unforeseen Contingencies — How Home Insurance Companies Can Help You Secure Your Future

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Home insurance companies

For homeowners, it is of utmost importance to ensure that their homes stay protected from all sorts of threats at all times. Apart from installing common safeguards inside your home, you also need to worry about things like natural disasters like heavy rain, flooding, storms and earthquakes. While it might be difficult to install physical safeguards against every kind of calamity that can befall your personal home, one of the easiest ways that you can protect your home and family from the fallouts of possible damage is to opt for a home insurance scheme, working closely with one of the many home insurance companies that offer such schemes.

Homeowner insurance works in a simple way — you make monthly payments to support your insurance policy after signing an insurance contract which outlines

Guam Man Faces 16 Years in Prison for Gross Negligence in Wrong-Way DUI Drunk Driving Case

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criminal defense lawyer

Despite a plea of charge leniency by his criminal defense lawyer, the judge in the criminal court case of a man who caused a horrific head-on car crash decided on Thursday (10/22) that Shane Gerald McDonald will stand trial on charges of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and driving under the influence causing injury, according to the San Diego-area news site

The incident occurred last May on Interstate 15 in California. Authorities say McDonald, 22 from Guam, got onto the wrong expressway ramp that took him in the opposite direction traffic was flowing. This led him to hit a family driving a Honda sedan in his black Audi, killing the driver, Rodolfo de la Torre, and passenger, Teresa Esparza Hernandez. The three passengers in the back seat escaped with their lives, but were left with serious injuries.

McDonald now faces up to 16 years in state prison if convicted, according to Deputy District Attorney Cally Bright. McDonald’s criminal defense lawyer, Cole Casey, tried to convince Superior Court Judge Kenneth So that his client should only be held to ordinary negligence, as opposed to gross negligence during a preliminary hearing. Casey argued that it was a new ramp that McDonald was not familiar with.

“He made a wrong turn,” the criminal defense lawyer said.

Even though plea bargains are more likely with first time offenders, McDonald’s BAC was .14% an hour after the crash, close to the .15 level making it a Class A Misdemeanor itself in states such as Indiana, and well over the legal limit of .08. He also admitted to witnesses at the scene and a California Highway Patrol officer at the hospital that he had been drinking. The chances of dismissing a drunk driving case in this situation is almost impossible.

The crash reportedly occurred at freeway speeds and there were no visible signs of brake marks at the scene. McDonald told officers he had been to a party in Del Cerro where he had, “more than three beers and two shots of vodka.”

Medicare in texas —- [YOUTUBE VIDEO]

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Expanding Your Legal Vocabulary

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Define disposition legal

Within any industry, there are typically a number of terms and definitions known only to insiders. The legal world is no exception, and in years preceding the internet there were few resources for those unfamiliar with legal terms. Legal vocabulary is incredibly extensive, and can be confusing to those on the outside, as well as to those on the inside. Even the most well-respected lawyer will often use a legal terms dictionary to gain legal knowledge and argue cases effectively.

The days of the hard copy legal glossary have come and gone, however. Instead, legal professionals and curious outsiders can harness the power of the web to define any legal terms they come across. Entire sites are dedicated to the explanation of legal terms, often in multiple languages, allowing users from almost any backgr

Orlando homeowners insurance —- [FREE VIDEO]

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Tulsa car insurance —- FREE VIDEOS

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Keep Your Home Safe and Secure

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Renters insurance faq

There are hundreds of different types of insurance policies, and finding the few that you need for your lifestyle can pose a challenge. Whether you are looking for affordable auto insurance or the cheapest renters insurance out there, you can find it with a little research. Start searching online today, and use these tips and tricks to find the best deals.

When looking for affordable auto insurance quotes, comparison is key. Never jump to the first reasonable premium price you see, always shop online and compare. There are hundreds of auto insurance rates available to every driver. However most drivers do not take the time to find the

Find Yourself in Court? Know What They Are Saying

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Disposition legal definition

Do you find yourself in legal troubles, yet have no idea what is going on when you read your summons or go to court? Is the legalese too much? Is it all just a jumble of Latin terms and seemingly condescending phrasing?

It does not need to be. It can be as simple as doing just a tiny bit of research to find a legal terms dictionary. Whether you buy the hard copy from your local bookstore, or find one online, it could be just what you need to feel comfortable and confident in the court room.

  • Legal Vocabulary
  • The biggest problem with the law process is that it is so separated and compartmentalized from the everyday lives of regular citizens. As such, there is something of an elitist mentality keeping us from learning more and empowering ourselves unless we want to c

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